Iconic spot in Ibiza town since 1986

where the traditional and modern cuisine melt together

a variation of croissant creations

all day menu & breakfast

recovery drinks

@tania panes

Poetry on the Spot

EVERY SUNDAY 10:00 – 14:00


discover poetry interview

on ibiza sonica radio


Contorsion Artists

EVERY EVENING 19:00 – 22:00


Listen to the

Croissant Show Radio @ibizasonica

“Makes you feel happy”

always in your heart

Monday – Friday 5pm – 6pm

on Ibiza Sonica Radio FM 95.2

always in your heart

Monday – Friday 5pm- 6pm

on Ibiza Sonica Radio FM 95.2

Timeout oasis

in the vibrant city center

art photography by janeski.ch

art photography by janeski.ch

photography by janeski.ch

About Us

Come and meet

late risers, day dreamer's, dance floor stormers,

sun lovers

and early weekend explorers,

those who already are and those who wish to be


those who have many things and those who

do not wish to be attached

those who don’t want to leave and those who just arrived.

tania panés poetry